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Jeff is an enthusiastic Canadian who has been living in Prague for the last 3 years. Although he is proud of his country, he tired of the long, cold winters and dreamed of life in Europe. Here in Prague, most of his time he works as an English teacher.

In the summer months, he shares his love of Prague with tourists, guiding them through the sights that the old city has to offer.




Mark originally came to Prague to teach English. Naturally, when friends or relatives visit you in a place like Prague, they like to be shown around, learn about the rich history that surrounds this fair city. It was during one such visit that Mark decided to become a guide.





Simon is a well-travelled Englishman who canít stop coming back to Prague. The first time he came to live here was for eight months in 2005 and he came back again in to teach English for a year in 2007. After working in Beijing and Bangkok he finally decided to settle in Prague for good in 2015. He now works as a tour guide sharing his appreciation for what he thinks is the most beautiful city in the world.


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